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Thu, Feb 6th, 2014
Join the Chamber for SUCCESS

Thu, Feb 6th, 2014
Why Should I Be a Chamber Member?

Why Should I Be a Chamber Member?

When a person is considering joining the Chamber, of course the first question is,

“What’s in it for me and my business?”  The Malden Chamber of Commerce is the spokes-person for our community.  We are often the first place a visitor contacts, either by phone, in person, or on our new and improved website, which is frequently updated and as events and news occur.  To show our support, the Chamber will be visiting businesses to insure the line of communication is ongoing.   We are your sales manager, goodwill ambassador and your information bureau.  We promote and sell the community through distribution of maps, newcomer information with all businesses listed including names of owners and contact information.  The Chamber hosts events periodically in the Malden Community Center.  If you have an event or something you would like to share with the community then we can add that to our weekly newsletter or do something special just for that particular occasion.  We provide our community with Red Alerts regarding bad checks, counterfeit money and stolen items. 

Malden Chamber Banquet in September and  Hot Chili/Cool Cars in October  are our top events held by the Malden Chamber of Commerce.  Our Annual Chamber Banquet is held to honor the outgoing President and Officers and welcome the new Incoming President and Officers, introducing and welcoming new Chamber Members and businesses along with other awards our community would like to acknowledge.  We gladly hold Ribbon Cuttings for new businesses that join the Chamber, or if you have moved your business to a new location.  

 Membership in the Chamber gives your business credibility, assuring your customers that you are involved in making Malden and our surrounding communities a better place to work and live.  The board also hopes that you would consider being a volunteer when we have our special events.

 If there are ways we can serve you better, or have ideas you would like to share, I invite you to give me a call at 573-276-4519.  Our email address is,  You may also visit Chamber website at   My office is always open to suggestions or concerns.


Brenda Williams,

Executive Director,

Malden Chamber of Commerce

Tue, Jan 21st, 2014
Chamber Member

If you are not a member we would love to have you join us.  The Chamber is here to support your businesss, aid when needed and we have events throughout the year to keep you involved.  

The Chamber Newletter is sent out containing news in Malden and the surrounding communities.  If you would like to sponsor a project or need help in getting one together please give me a call and I will be glad to help.



Brenda Williams,

Chamber Director

Sat, Apr 20th, 2013
Lorrie's Roxy Dolls, LLC

Lorrie's Roxy Dolls, LLC

Dance, Cheer, and Tumble

Sign up April 20, 2013

9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Malden Community Center

Dance includes Ballet, Tap, Jazz and HipHop with recital in December, 2013 and a Spring recital for 2014.

All star cheerleading tryout will be May, 2014 for Competitive Cheer.

Three squads 4-6 yr olds Baby Dolls

7-13 yr olds Lil Dolls

14 & up Dolls

Classes will be Monday & Tuesday at the Malden Community Center.

Contact Lorrie Sparks 573-281-6145

Mon, Dec 31st, 2012
Red Alert Teams

The Chamber's "Red Alert" program offers fast notification to members of illegal activities taking place either in the community or immediate area. This valuable program alerts member businesses to forged checks, lost checks, counterfeit money and similar activities in the area. If you have an item for the Red Alert Program, please contact the Malden Police Department at 276-2211 and the Malden Chamber of Commerce at 276-4519.

Red Alert teams have been arranged in order to notify members quickly. Here's how it works: the Chamber contacts each team captain who then calls the first business on his or her list. The first business then calls the second on the list, the second calls the third and on down until everyone has been notified. Working together, the Red Alert program provides safety to all our businesses. Teams are listed below.

Team 1 

Team 2A

Quality Center 276-3642
Baker Implement 276-3896

Creative Design Group 276-6648
Welch, Todd and Parker 276-2261
Byrum Culp, Davis & Dell 276-2244
Welman, Hively & Godley 276-5768

Team 2B

Team 3A

Board of Public Works 276-2238
Delta News-Citizen 276-5148
Greg Hampton 276-4545
Dunklin County RSVP 276-3716
Casey's South 276-9976
Malden Marble Works 276-2384

First National Bank 276-2257
Barton's of Malden 276-2231
Hardee's 276-4558
Poplar Bluff Medical Center 276-3873
State Farm Insurance 276-3605
Bootheel Youth Museum 276-3600 (closed Mon.)
Southeast Missouri State. 276-4577      

Team 3B

Team 4A

Pizza Hut 276-5101
Wal-Mart 276-5735
Barker Noe 276-2445
Shearrer Insurance 276-4586

First Community Bank 276-5751
Blackwell Motors 276-2277
Huber Accounting 276-2288
Falcon Communications 276-5169
Malden Chiropractic Clinic 276-3892

Team 4B

Team 5

First State Comm. Bank 276-4583
Victorian Gift Shoppe 276-5110
Plaza Tire 276-6001
Casey's North 276-9962

Powell Supply Inc. 276-3444
Stratman Lumber Co. 276-4534
Shelton Business Machines 276-4803
Malden Airport Inn 276-5144
Blackwell Motors 276-5177
FME Federal 276-3200

Wed, Jun 6th, 2012
Walkers Welcome

If you are looking for a great place to walk and exercise for FREE then come to the Malden Community Center. We already have many dedicated walkers but we have room for more. We have a large auditorium, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  We have a TV for music and will soon add a DVD player for those who may have some exercise videos to work with. 


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