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Thu, Jul 17th, 2014
MACC NEWSLETTER   July 17, 2014
Congratulations!  Chamber Member of the Month for July - Malden Housing Authority
Congratulations!  Chamber Yard of the Month for July - Mr. & Mrs. Joe Mosely
Health Tip: 

If you use glues, paints, solvents or chemical cleaners indoors, make sure you open windows and ventilate the area well.

Funny Bone:
Seems an elderly gentleman had serious hearing problems for a number of years.
He went to the doctor and the doctor was able to have him fitted for a set of hearing aids that allowed the gentleman to hear 100%. The elderly gentleman went back in a month to the doctor and the doctor said, "Your hearing is perfect. Your family must be really pleased you can hear again."
To which the gentleman said, "Oh, I haven't told my family yet. I just sit around and listen to the conversations. I've changed my will five times!"

Southeast Missouri State University:
Small Business Development Training Coming to Cape in August

Southeast Missouri State University Cuts Carbon Emissions

Southeast Theatre and Dance Students Debut on NYC Stage



Missouri Arts Council:

Bees, Sticky Trees, and Blowtorches:
Encaustic Painting Enthralls Missouri Artists

What can you paint with hot wax? Anything you can imagine! Wax plus resin plus color equals “one of the most beautiful paints on the planet,” says Robin VanHoozer. This St. Joseph artist is among a growing number of Missouri painters and mixed-media artists who are in love with the uniquely flexible and forgiving medium that is encaustic paint. The artists share their stories and photos of their tools, techniques, and artworks in our new feature article here.

Route HH in Butler County Closed for Pipe Replacement

Route HH in Butler County will be closed as Missouri Department of Transportation crews prepare the roadway for pipe replacement.

This section of roadway is located between County Road 334 and County Road 202.

Weather permitting, work will performed Tuesday, July 22 and Wednesday, July 23 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

The work zone will be marked with signs. Motorists are urged to use extreme caution while traveling near the area.

For additional information, contact MoDOT's Customer Service Center toll-free at 1-888-ASK-MODOT (1-888-275-6636) or visit

Social Security Update:

In February, we wrote to tell you about some upcoming changes to the services we provide at Social Security offices across the country.  That letter notified you that, after consultation with stakeholders and feedback from agency colleagues, we changed the initial date of implementation from February 1, 2014 to October 1, 2014 to help the public adjust to this change and to allow additional time to conduct outreach and provide education to our customers on the alternate, more convenient services that we offer.

Now, to ensure there are no detrimental consequences to those we serve, we have decided to continue to provide benefit verification letters in our field offices until further notice.

We believe that agencies with existing data exchanges with us should not disadvantage members of the public by needlessly sending them into our offices when they have the information readily available, and we further believe that the public will find the convenience of obtaining the information online much easier and faster than making the trip to an office.

We realize, however, that change does not come quickly or easily.  Therefore, we will continue to conduct and expand our outreach and education with the public, as well as with our Federal, State, Tribal, and local partners, while continuing to provide our customers the information they need.  This will enable everyone to get more accustomed to using our online tools and data exchanges.  We will revisit implementation of this change periodically as we assess the impact of our outreach activities.

For security and privacy reasons, we will move forward with our plans to eliminate the issuance of Social Security number printouts in our field offices effective August 1, 2014. 

Please share this information with others in your organization and help us get the word out to all of your members and constituents

We appreciate your continued support helping to inform the American people about this important update.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Alfredo Padilla Jr. at or by phone at 410-965-7610.


Community Center Activities:


MAAPS Military Museum and Veterans Wall of Honor
Bootheel Youth Museum at

Lorries Roxy Dolls, LLC - Dance, Cheer, and Tumble -Contact Lorrie Sparks - 573-281-6145 

Malden Community Center,, 607 North Douglass, Malden MO. Dance includes Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop

Concealed Weapons Class: Contact Scott Wilson at 573-276-8450 or 276-6348 for more info.


Sr. Dance each Tuesday night at 7 p.m. Come out have some fun. Dancing is good exercise.

Malden Historical Museum website: http://www.maldenmuseum
Have a Great Day!
Brenda Williams

Mon, Jun 30th, 2014
Chamber Banquet

September 11, 2014 has been set for this years' Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet.  The date was moved from the summer to allow better participation from schools and those who are not in session during the summer months.  Please mark this date on your calendars and invitations will be sent out later.  Hope you can attend this year.

Sat, Oct 18th, 2014

Come join us as the Malden Chamber of Commerce holds  the Eleventh  Annual HOT CHILI/ COOL CARS  in downtown Malden Saturday, October 18, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Get your chili team together and come join the fun in the CHILI COOK-OFF  or buy a chili bowl,  taste the chili and vote for your favorite. There will also be lots of COOL CARS to see and lots of craft vendors and food vendors, so come  to downtown Malden and have a day full of fun!!

Fri, Jun 20th, 2014
I visited with Jo Robertson at her latest remodeling venture.  It's a beautiful historic home located on 110 West Cleveland.  Jo has once again put her expertise to work and brought back life to the home that was built in 1910.  I walked in and immediately felt at home.  It has that welcoming touch along with it's beautiful new rooms.  This house was once the home to the kindergarten children in Malden.  The old blackboard still remains in the basement. 
There is a stained glass window in the dining room that is simply beautiful.  Jo's painting expertise is that she mixes her own paint colors.  The high ceilings in the home give you room to breathe and be comfortable in.  The outside porch has its' very own fireplace and is totally screened in to allow the breeze to flow in and keep you cool.  It is beautifully decorated and furnished with everything a person needs to just move in.  
This is a house you must see.  If you didn't get a chance to go to the open house this past Sunday then give Jo a call and schedule a time to check it out.  You will be happy you did.  This lovely home is waiting for a new family to move in a appreciate its' glory.
Mon, Jun 9th, 2014
MHS 1964 Class Reunion 50 YEARS

MHS Class of ‘64

1964 - 2014

As the world turned FIFTY YEARS seemed like 60 minutes!


Will YOU come?

The Class of 1964 is keeping it simple: No formal program but plenty of


Date: Friday, August 29,2014, at 6 p.m. (That's the FRIDAY BEFORE LABOR DAY!)

Place: We will meet at the Malden Country Club, where the dress will be comfortable

and casual, and the food of your choice can be ordered from the menu.

Cost: You will pay ONLY for the food and drink that you wish to order. It's that simple!



Linda Hudgens Dowdy at 573-614-9140 OR

Jan Santie Maddox at 573-281-0299 OR

Please send your phone numbers and e-mail addresses along with postal addresses

because we have NO funds for mailing.



Our goal is to invite all of our classmates, but we lack addresses for many of them. You can help by

inviting anyone who attended school with us but did not receive this letter. Help us to include

EVERYONE by sending their contact info, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

For more information, Check out and LIKE our FACEBOOK Page: Class of 64 50th Reunion

We hope to have

• a "Malden Memorabilia Table." So far, we have some yearbooks, a Telker's Bread

wrapper, old toys, games, newspaper articles, and an Auto-Vue Drive-in poster. 0Ne

are looking for more, so if you have items from our childhood years, bring 'em!)

• a slide show of old photos from our school years. It will be fun to guess who is who!

0Ne want to include EVERYONE, so you can help by making copies of YOUR

photographs and sending them to us.)

• a CD of popular songs from our era. (Rex West will put this together for us, and each of

you will receive a copy to take home to shooby-dooby-do while you twist and shout!)

REMEMBER that YOU are a MEMBER of the CLASS of 1964 whether you attended school

with us one year or twelve years, and we sincerely hope that you will join us at our reunion





Thu, Jun 5th, 2014
18th Annual Malden Homecoming Registration Form



W A K E U P!!!

           You are going “Back to School”!   Most of the old school buildings are gone and new ones have been built, but the school spirit is still there.  RING! RING! GOES THE BELL. School starts August 30, 2014 at 9:30 am in the Malden High School Gymnasium.  If you are not on time you will get a T for tardy on your record.  Don’t worry about making good grades because you will be graded E S M I or F on how much fun you’re having.

When you arrive the office workers will check you in, give you your student ID, and your meal ticket. Your homeroom teacher will direct you to your class “room”.  You will have time for catching up with your classmates and visiting with others; and you will not be sent to the principal’s office for talking or being the class clown. You can even chew gum, because there will be a “bubble gum blowing contest”.  Bring photographs and memorabilia for “Show and Tell”.  Practice your singing and cheering for a “Pep Rally”.

At noon you will line up and go get your meal that has been prepared by Malden school.  A hall monitor will take your meal ticket and the lunchroom workers will serve you. 

When you are finished eating you will be given a “Pop Quiz”, think back when you were in school for the answers.  Jim Kalkbrenner will tell you about the Class of 1964 and call class roll.       

          The entertainment will be at 7 pm in the Malden Community Center and will include alumni “stars” performing.   

          You can help this year; we need homeroom teachers, lunchroom workers, janitors, hall monitors and cheerleaders. The parade has been canceled because of school hours and visiting time.  The MHS entrance and parking is on the west side of the building on Stokelan Drive.


NOTES from the principal office:

  1. The scholarship fund needs at least $2000 each year to cover the 2 scholarships give by MHSAA.

  2. Because of expenses there is a need for fees and donations to pay for decorations, free entertainment and etc.

  1. School lunch meals are paid for ahead of time.

  2. Mail in your form on or before Monday, August 11, 2014 to be in Malden before August 15th


    SCHOOL announcements:

  1. Dress appropriate for school with non-slick flat shoes (no high heels).

  2. Tours of the schools will be provided.

  3. Put your name on all things brought for show and tell.

  4. Someone in every class needs to send your classmate’s information in.

  5. Downtown park’s events have not been announced yet.

  6. No smoking or drinking of alcohol on school grounds.


    2014 Scholarships:

              McKenna Pyland daughter of Glenn Pyland (93) and Brette Stafford (93)

              Mark Bukich son of Mark Bukich and Sheria Hall


    Congratulations to J. D. Wagster and Clara Ware who graduated from Malden High School 80 years ago.


    Your classmates, family and friends may not get this letter, please inform them of this special weekend.  The Malden Chamber of Commerce ( will have a copy of this letter to print off or call 573-276-4519 for more information.


    Come for school and visit even if you can’t stay for lunch.

     Please return registration with your information to: Malden Alumni, P.O. Box 854, Malden, MO.  63863

  1. If you are unable to come, your records will be updated

  2. If you are attending school only, your ID & attendance record will be ready

  3. If your coming to both, your info will be ready & you counted for meal


School Registration Form

Class of _______

Name ____________________________  Spouse/Guest _____________________

Address __________________________  City _____________________________

Zip Code ____________ E-Mail Address _________________________________

Home Telephone # ___________________  Cell Phone # ____________________

Meal # ___X $12.50 = $ ________  Membership # ___X $10.00 = $ ___________

Contribute to: Scholarship Fund $ ____________ Donations $ ________________

Memorial $_________ In Memory of ____________________________________

Total $ _________


Sign up: Voluntary Job ________________________________________________

Homeroom teachers need to be there before 9 am Saturday morning

Tue, Jul 1st, 2014

Chamber Business of the Month

July, 2014

Malden Housing Authority


Wed, Jan 1st, 2014
Support Malden - Shop in your Hometown



Support Malden Businesses

Shop Local



Thu, Feb 6th, 2014
Join the Chamber for SUCCESS

Thu, Feb 6th, 2014
Why Should I Be a Chamber Member?

Why Should I Be a Chamber Member?

When a person is considering joining the Chamber, of course the first question is,

“What’s in it for me and my business?”  The Malden Chamber of Commerce is the spokes-person for our community.  We are often the first place a visitor contacts, either by phone, in person, or on our new and improved website, which is frequently updated and as events and news occur.  To show our support, the Chamber will be visiting businesses to insure the line of communication is ongoing.   We are your sales manager, goodwill ambassador and your information bureau.  We promote and sell the community through distribution of maps, newcomer information with all businesses listed including names of owners and contact information.  The Chamber hosts events periodically in the Malden Community Center.  If you have an event or something you would like to share with the community then we can add that to our weekly newsletter or do something special just for that particular occasion.  We provide our community with Red Alerts regarding bad checks, counterfeit money and stolen items. 

Malden Chamber Banquet in June, Hot Chili/Cool Cars in October and a Christmas Parade in December are our top events held by the Malden Chamber of Commerce.  Our Annual Chamber Banquet is held to honor the outgoing President and Officers and welcome the new Incoming President and Officers, introducing and welcoming new Chamber Members and businesses along with other awards our community would like to acknowledge.  We gladly hold Ribbon Cuttings for new businesses that join the Chamber, or if you have moved your business to a new location.  

 Membership in the Chamber gives your business credibility, assuring your customers that you are involved in making Malden and our surrounding communities a better place to work and live.  The board also hopes that you would consider being a volunteer when we have our special events.

 If there are ways we can serve you better, or have ideas you would like to share, I invite you to give me a call at 573-276-4519.  Our email address is,  You may also visit Chamber website at   My office is always open to suggestions or concerns.


Brenda Williams,

Executive Director,

Malden Chamber of Commerce

Tue, Jan 21st, 2014
Chamber Member

If you are not a member we would love to have you join us.  The Chamber is here to support your businesss, aid when needed and we have events throughout the year to keep you involved.  

The Chamber Newletter is sent out containing news in Malden and the surrounding communities.  If you would like to sponsor a project or need help in getting one together please give me a call and I will be glad to help.



Brenda Williams,

Chamber Director

Sat, Apr 20th, 2013
Lorrie's Roxy Dolls, LLC

Lorrie's Roxy Dolls, LLC

Dance, Cheer, and Tumble

Sign up April 20, 2013

9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Malden Community Center

Dance includes Ballet, Tap, Jazz and HipHop with recital in December, 2013 and a Spring recital for 2014.

All star cheerleading tryout will be May, 2014 for Competitive Cheer.

Three squads 4-6 yr olds Baby Dolls

7-13 yr olds Lil Dolls

14 & up Dolls

Classes wil be Monday - Thursday at the Malden Community Center.

Contact Lorrie Sparks 573-281-6145

Mon, Dec 31st, 2012
Red Alert Teams

The Chamber's "Red Alert" program offers fast notification to members of illegal activities taking place either in the community or immediate area. This valuable program alerts member businesses to forged checks, lost checks, counterfeit money and similar activities in the area. If you have an item for the Red Alert Program, please contact the Malden Police Department at 276-2211 and the Malden Chamber of Commerce at 276-4519.

Red Alert teams have been arranged in order to notify members quickly. Here's how it works: the Chamber contacts each team captain who then calls the first business on his or her list. The first business then calls the second on the list, the second calls the third and on down until everyone has been notified. Working together, the Red Alert program provides safety to all our businesses. Teams are listed below.

Team 1 

Team 2A

Quality Center 276-3642
Baker Implement 276-3896

Creative Design Group 276-6648
Welch, Todd and Parker 276-2261
Byrum Culp, Davis & Dell 276-2244
Welman, Hively & Godley 276-5768

Team 2B

Team 3A

Board of Public Works 276-2238
Delta News-Citizen 276-5148
Greg Hampton 276-4545
Dunklin County RSVP 276-3716
Casey's South 276-9976
Malden Marble Works 276-2384

First National Bank 276-2257
Barton's of Malden 276-2231
Hardee's 276-4558
Poplar Bluff Medical Center 276-3873
State Farm Insurance 276-3605
Bootheel Youth Museum 276-3600 (closed Mon.)
Southeast Missouri State. 276-4577      

Team 3B

Team 4A

Pizza Hut 276-5101
Wal-Mart 276-5735
Barker Noe 276-2445
Shearrer Insurance 276-4586

First Community Bank 276-5751
Blackwell Motors 276-2277
Huber Accounting 276-2288
Falcon Communications 276-5169
Malden Chiropractic Clinic 276-3892

Team 4B

Team 5

First State Comm. Bank 276-4583
Victorian Gift Shoppe 276-5110
Plaza Tire 276-6001
Casey's North 276-9962

Powell Supply Inc. 276-3444
Stratman Lumber Co. 276-4534
Shelton Business Machines 276-4803
Malden Airport Inn 276-5144
Blackwell Motors 276-5177
FME Federal 276-3200

Wed, Jun 6th, 2012
Walkers Welcome

If you are looking for a great place to walk and exercise for FREE then come to the Malden Community Center. We already have many dedicated walkers but we have room for more. We have a large auditorium, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  We have a TV for music and will soon add a DVD player for those who may have some exercise videos to work with. 


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